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The Value of Getting Advice

Updated: May 9

When was the last time you got some ‘expert’ advice?

It might have been when you were buying or selling a house or perhaps even a car. You might have needed some accounting or financial advice. You might have been trying to decide which school to send your children to you so you spoke to family, friends and possibly the school principals.

The last time you went on your holiday you may have got some advice from a friend who gave you some travel tips or possibly told you about one of their holiday experiences. You may have needed to get some electrical, plumbing or other maintenance work done so you sought advice from various sources as to who to use.

Let’s face it we all need to get some advice at some stage of our lives. Friends, family and workplace colleagues are always happy to convey their knowledge and advice, all in good heart.

Thankfully most of it is good advice depending on their source and their knowledge. The problem nowadays in the DIY, Online, Information Everywhere age we live in there’s lots of things you can now do yourself which 20 years ago you would have needed to get advice on. One good example is your annual tax return. If your tax affairs are relatively simple you can do your tax return online avoiding costs and delays and get your refund pretty quickly. What could be better?

Our good ‘friend’ Google will find whatever you are looking for in a nano second and usually several hundred versions of the same thing! The internet age has allowed us to conduct research on just about anything we need or wish to buy and if it is available online you don’t even have to speak to anyone to purchase it.

You Tube has given us literally millions of sometimes detailed videos of people putting things together, taking things apart, repairing things and even building their own house. But are there some things that you should still get advice on before you purchase? What about your Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney and Guardianship?

These are very ‘personal’ documents and in most cases a ‘one size fits all’ approach will not work for everyone.

In some cases our lives have become much for complicated than generations ago when a blended family would have conjured up all sorts of visions of kitchen equipment and children …………………… well we will leave you to think about that one!

Our assets and personal wealth have become ever greater and therefore more important to protect.

We desire more control over what happens to our things in the event of a catastrophe. We want peace of mind for ourselves and family if the unexpected happens.

If making a Will is something you have been ‘meaning to get round to’ take ACTION today! Call us NOW! or email WHERE THERE’S A WILL THERE’S A WAY, THE WILLCRAFT WAY!

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